The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) on Monday summoned Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya over ethnic contempt against the minority Sabaot community.

According to a statement, NCIC cited Natembeya for contravening Sections 13(1) and 62(1) of the NCIC Act.

Further, the governor is accused of directing targeted hate messages toward his Deputy, Philomena Kapkory, who hails from the minority Sabaot community.

The summons follows grievances from Sabaot community members, alleging discrimination in employment and asserting that most opportunities favor dominant communities.

The NCIC’s investigation commenced after Trans Nzoia County Deputy Governor Philomena Kapkory reported threats she faced on October 3.

“In her statement, she claimed that her trouble began when the Sabaot Community began the petitioning for a County of their own,” NCIC said.

“The meeting by leaders and elders from Sabaot was to discuss matter touching on the proposed creation of a county for members of the Sabaot community.”

 Kapkory alleges that Natembeya is opposed to the creation of a county for Sabaots and that the county chief on record stating that the “Sabaots were dreaming and they will not get any county despite their petition to the National Dialogue Committee, requesting for the creation of County for Sabaots.”

Additionally, she stated that on August 23, the Governor stated that the Sabaot should be satisfied with their positions in the County of Trans Nzoia and should stop petitioning for their county.

“He further went on to state that not even an inch of Trans Nzoia would be hived off to form another county, insinuating that the Sabaot are greedy,” NCIC said.

Due to Natembeya’s remarks, Kapkory said she had been subjected to frequent attacks on social media platforms, including Facebook.

NCIC investigators traveled to Trans Nzoia County to probe the deputy governor’s complaints.

The commission sent a Request Letter to the Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK) seeking the retrieval of Natembeya’s recorded utterances.

NCIC asked Natembeya to appear before the commission on November 28 at 10 am.