Pauline Njoroge alleges that Ruto's government imported cooking oil at duty-free prices while concocting a narrative about how it would reduce retail costs for citizens. She claims that some individuals involved even invested the proceeds from this transaction in buying homes in Dubai. Currently, local manufacturers are reportedly being compelled to accept the imported oil and proceed.

Why were those contracts granted, and why were local manufacturers singled out for a boycott? While domestic producers are left grappling with raw cooking oil, a select few have amassed substantial wealth. Additionally, our currency is facing depreciation due to these imports. Then, in an attempt to justify their errors and shortcomings, the blame is shifted to Uhuru, echoing everywhere.

The blame game must come to an end for this government to move forward or, at the very least, recover the economy from its deteriorating state. Concurrently, accountability for the decisions made is essential, as the consequences of these choices are the main contributors to the current economic crisis.

Within a year, they are poised to surpass the long-standing dynasties in terms of amassed wealth at the helm. Deceptive narratives were spun to deceive the masses, preparing the ground for illicit financial gains.