Kenyan dancehall artist KRG The Don has responded to radio personality Sheila Kwamboka, known as Kwambox, regarding her comments on his proposal to pay comedian Elsa Majimbo Ksh760 million to renounce her Kenyan citizenship.

In a two-minute video shared on Instagram, KRG conveyed his brief message to Kwambox."Mimi nlikua tu nimelala nikaskia mtu ananidis kwa Maredio," said KRG.  He went ahead to clarify that he had no intentions of disrespecting the presenter and had no interest in engaging in a public feud.

KRG The Don went on to clarify that his proposal to Elsa Majimbo was meant as a light-hearted jest, emphasizing that it was not a serious suggestion. He acknowledged Majimbo's success and independence, recognizing that she is a strong woman unlikely to be influenced by financial incentives.

In concluding his video message, KRG humorously hinted that, if needed, he might consider resorting to traditional methods to address the situation.

“I might have to call someone from Kisii to deal with this matter traditionally,” said KRG.

The interaction between KRG and Kwambox underscores the nuanced balance between humor and respect in public discourse. Despite their mutual admiration, the divergence in their views on the Majimbo matter has sparked a good-natured debate between the two. We are yet to know if KRG will visit Kiss FM as stated.