The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) arrested two alleged land fraudsters, Jackson Mwangi Wambui and Elija Macharia, as they sought to sway an ongoing investigation.

 DCI suspects the two individuals are part of a well-organized land-grabbing gang and were apprehended on Thursday at the DCI Mazingira Complex following a brazen bribery attempt.


"Jackson Mwangi Wambui, a renowned serial land fraudster believed to be part of a dreaded well-organized land grabbing cartel that targets elderly white residents in posh Nairobi suburbs, is in our custody following his arrest yesterday at the DCI Mazingira Complex premises." DCI 

Mwangi and Macharia, according to the DCI, strolled into the Land Fraud Investigations Unit (LFIU) offices in an attempt to persuade an investigating officer handling a case concerning their attempt to take a 0.2026-acre tract of land in the Thome V region.

"Mwangi and his accomplice,... Macharia, were arrested after showing up at the Land Fraud Investigations Unit (LFIU) offices to influence an investigating officer (IO) to go slow on a case in which they are accused of attempting to grab a 0.2026 hactares parcel of land at Thome V area." DCI

PHOTO | COURTESY the suspects

"Once in the office, they pleaded with him (the IO) to halt the investigation process as they had found a way of acquiring fake documents, but they needed January and February to wind up the process," a DCI statement reads.

"For the favor, Macharia placed Sh200,000 on the table as a tip to the officer, all this time unaware that the office they had been ushered into had mounted cameras that recorded all the ongoings. DCI Operations detectives moved in and whisked them away with the exhibits for processing and arraignment."