Raila Odinga has blamed the kenya kwanza government for the increased incidents of immigration by Kenyans due to the country's deteriorating economy.

Odinga, who delivered a speech titled 'A Vision for the Next 60 Years and Beyond' at Catholic University on Friday, chastised President William Ruto's regime for failing to establish administrative policies to secure jobs for Kenyans.


Instead, according to Odinga, the Kenya Kwanza administration was hunting for jobs abroad for Kenyans after making the country unpleasant for the same residents.

He recalled Kenya's golden day when citizens were adamant about working abroad, even for the United Nations, something everyone was fighting for.

"Once upon a time, Kenyans were so proud and so confident of their nation that they refused to seek jobs abroad, including with the UN," he said.


"Today, our people are frantically trying to flee the country." According to a recent Pew Research poll, up to 54% of Kenyans want to leave the nation."

According to the Azimio Chief, who claimed that the country was heading in the wrong direction, it was ridiculous for the government to talk big about providing farm and house jobs for Kenyans overseas when they were tasked with creating them at home.


“Our children are struggling to get farm jobs in Israel, to be house helps in Saudi Arabia and security personnel in Qatar. Government officers themselves, including a whole president, openly say that they are trying to get jobs abroad for Kenyans,” he said.

“Young people with the new skills and knowledge we need are being exported because the government cannot create jobs. And the government sees it as an achievement,” he added.