Several people in Kahumbu ward, Kigumo Constituency, Murang'a, have been admitted to various hospitals after eating meat from a cow suspected of dying of anthrax.

 According to reports, others have been treated and discharged.

The victims were treated at Muranga Level Five Hospital, Sabasaba Health Centre, and Mugumoini Dispensary, among other health facilities, with one patient currently receiving treatment at Maragua Level Four Hospital.

The owner of the cow from Kanguku Village, Christopher Ngugi, says he came home on Wednesday last week to discover one of his cows lying in the cowshed, showing signs of an unidentified illness.

He immediately notified the local animal health officer, who came to treat the cow and advise him on handling the condition.

Further, he said the animal was given the all-clear by the officer, who, with the help of a few men from the village, tore open the animal's abdomen and discovered that it had ingested pieces of clothing and polythene papers, which he claimed blocked the animal's airways and ultimately caused it to die.

The farmer went on to explain that as a result, farmers flocked to the home in droves to buy meat from the animal for Kes 400 per kilogram rather than Kes 600, which is the price the commodity is sold for at local butcheries.

According to Citizen Digital, the farmer was flanked by his wife, Margaret Nyambura, who stated that it was not until last week, on Wednesday, that his other cow died of a mysterious disease, the carcass of which was buried under the inspection of animal health officers, who confirmed the animal had died of anthrax.

Nyambura revealed that the animal died almost simultaneously, with several men who had slaughtered it beginning to show symptoms of wounds and blisters on their limbs, as well as others who ate the meat at home and in local eateries.

An estimated 150 people purchased the meat to distribute to members of their families, with upwards of 600 more suspected of eating the meat, with young children among the sick.
Residents are urging the Murang'a County government to send medics to the affected villages to provide treatment, claiming that many cannot afford to travel to hospitals.