On Sunday, Pope Francis urged the rival factions in Sudan to cease their 10-month-long conflict, which has resulted in millions of people being displaced and famine warnings.

"I ask again the warring parties to stop this war, which causes so much damage to the people and the future of the country", Francis said during his Angelus message.

"Let's pray so that avenues of peace will soon be found for the future of beloved Sudan," he added.

The Sudanese civil war, which pits the nation's armed forces against the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), has not been resolved diplomatically thus far. 

The pope also addressed the conflicts in Mozambique, Ukraine, Israel, and the Palestinian territories in his customary Sunday address.

"Wherever there is fighting populations are exhausted, they are tired of war, which is always useless, inconclusive and will only bring death and destruction and will never lead to a solution to the problem," Francis said.