Analyst Gabriel Oguda has sparked discussions among Kenyans by revealing a purported video of renowned Pastor Ezekiel Odero allegedly being coerced by Evangelist Benny Inn to simulate a fall during a large-scale event at Nyayo Stadium.

In the revealed footage, Benny Inn is seen compelling Pastor Ezekiel Odero to stage a fall, to which he seemingly complies. The circulation of this video has prompted numerous Kenyans to criticize the event.

Gabriel Oguda posted, "Pastor Ezekiel refused to join other fair-weather pastors in the fake fall down, so Benny Hinn had to ensure he gets down by force by fire. Tears in my eyes."

The following demonstrations below shows various reactions elicited by Kenyans.

Queenter Onyango said, "The day we will realize that God can actually answer our prayers even when we pray in our houses with a sincere heart, we will never entertain hypocrisy, drama and magicians in the name of seeking the face of God."