Two men in Kipsapta village, Kuresoi North, Nakuru County, have decided to exchange wives after infidelity concerns.

Elders, led by Nyumba Kumi chair David Rono, had a meeting on Saturday.

Speaking in the community, the elders criticized the behavior, stating they had never seen two men switch spouses in such a casual manner.

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“We are perturbed as elders. We have sat down to deliberate on this case because it’s a rare incident not only in Kiptororo but also unheard of in the Kalenjin community. We have pushed forward to Monday to be able to exhaustively listen to them,” said Rono.

One of the men, Robert Kiruo, clashed with his wife before she departed, leaving behind their two girls.

The husband had eloped with another man. After five months of unsuccessful attempts to seek help from village elders, he decided to take the other man's wife.

PHOTO | COURTESY couple exchanging vows

“When I realized that the man had decided to take my wife, I chose to take revenge by taking his wife, and his wife also agreed because we were both having problems with spouse infidelity”, said Robert.

The elders said they would meet on Monday to solve the problem before it causes tension between the two families, which might become chaotic.

Both women have two daughters under ten years old. Only the spouses have relocated, but the children remain in their homes, although with new moms.