A family in bomet is mourning the death of four of their kin who died in a road accident at the Tenwek Bridge on the Bomet-Olenguruone route.

According to Bomet Central Sub-county police chief Musa Oma, who verified the occurrence, the four were driving a saloon vehicle when it was hit by a lorry in the center of the bridge, causing it to crash into the river.

PHOTO | COURTESY police line

The police chief stated that both vehicles were heading in the approximate direction of Silibwet when the collision happened.

Mr.Omar added that all of the occupants of the saloon car perished as a consequence of the impact of their vehicle plunging into the deep water.

Police and members of the public were able to retrieve the remains of three people, a man and two women, and moved them to a mortuary at Longisa Hospital.

PHOTO | COURTESY police car

"It's an unfortunate accident. The car, after landing in the water, was moved away by raging floods some 50 meters away before it was stopped by trees along the river. We have impounded the car after it was removed from the water", added Omar.

The truck driver fled the area and is expected to provide a statement to the authorities. Meanwhile, the unfortunate vehicle's wreckage has been taken to the Bomet police station.