One of the suspects in the Murang'a Unaitas Sacco robbery incident was shot nine times, according to an autopsy report done by Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) officials.

The suspect, an ex-police officer named Joseph Kamau, was discovered to have six gunshot wounds across his body in addition to three head wounds.

In front of the family members and IPOA officers, the autopsy was performed at the Murang'a District Hospital.

Three of the bullets on Kamau's head had entry and exit locations, but the remaining six on his back did not, according to pathologist Kamotho Watenga.

The robbery suspect may have died from gunshot wounds, but the investigation also showed that he had injuries on his legs, wrists, and back, maybe from being struck by a blunt instrument.

To determine whether the bullets are still lodged inside the corpse, an X-ray scan will be done on the body, according to Watenga. Ballistic experts will also be able to determine whether the victim was shot at close range.

Kamau, a 30-year-old father of two small children, has already been recognized; the identity of the second suspect's body has not yet been determined.

Kamau's father, Kangethe, who disregarded the police claims regarding his death, insisted that his son was obedient and that he was astonished to learn of Kamau's passing.

"We learned about his passing from social media. We hope to see justice served, but we encourage the state to be transparent and provide information on how our family members perished," he said.

"When I initially saw the picture, I assumed he would be taken to court, but with the surprising change of events, we are left with a lot of concerns. His passing stunned the family."

Kang'ethe claimed that his son had been a police officer for five years, from 2017 to 2021, before being fired for disobeying orders.

The DCI posted pictures of the two suspects in handcuffs and, afterwards, the same individuals deceased following the event last week that has since left police officers on the scene.

The two were allegedly killed in a firefight between the police and other gang members as they were escorting the police to their hideout, according to Central Kenya Regional Commissioner Fredrick Shisia, who spoke out in defence of the police on Tuesday.

The two are believed to be members of a group that ambushed a branch of Unaitas Sacco in Murang'a on Saturday morning when it was open, robbing it of millions of shillings and a rifle from a police officer operating the gate.