Jeff Mwathi's mother has accused the DCI of not doing justice to her son's case despite exhuming his body. According to Jeff's mother, getting justice for their son is almost impossible.

She says they have been told to wait for the final report from the ODPP. She says she blames the government.

Jeff Mwathi's mother responded to those spreading propaganda and claimed that she did not receive any money from anyone. She said nobody can exchange their child's justice for even ten million and warned them to leave her alone, as she is waiting for the DPP's final decision like everyone else in Kenya.

Jeff's Mother About TikTok

Speaking to Nicholas Kioko, a Youtuber, Jeff Mwathi's mother explained that she has been on Tiktok since 2020.

Jeff Mwathi inexplicably passed away in DJ Fatxo's residence, sparking a range of reactions. Many people disapproved of the claim made in the statement written down by Kasarani police that Jeff Mwathi killed himself by jumping to his death.

In response to public uproar, CS Interior Security Kithure Kindiki sent the DCI Homicide team to look into what murdered Jeff.

Following the investigation, it was concluded that there was insufficient evidence to prove that Jeff Mwathi had been murdered. The case file has been passed on to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), who will determine whether or not the case should proceed to court.

There have been claims by some that DJ Fatxo may have paid Jeff Mwathi's mother to drop the case, as she was previously at the forefront of seeking justice for her son. However, these claims remain unverified and should be treated with caution until further evidence comes to light.