Late Jeff Mwathi's mother, Anne Mwathi expressed dissatisfaction with a local radio station regarding a pre-recorded phone interview. She raised concerns after the main suspect in the murder case, Lawrence Njuguna, also known as DJ Fatxo appeared on Radio Jambo's mid-morning show on Monday, May 22. During the show, Mwathi's mother was "called" to engage in a conversation with DJ Fatxo who was live on the station at that time.

Jeff's mother took to TikTok and revealed that the "call" was not a live interaction but a recording of a conversation she had with the station earlier that day. Mwathi's mother expressed her disappointment, stating that the station should have informed her about DJ Fatxo's appearance and allowed a live conversation instead. See the curse spell by Jeff's grandmother to DJ Faxto.

"You called me in the morning at 11:42 am and you recorded me then you later play it for the listeners to hear. Surely you should have called me when he was there," stated Anne Mwathi.

"It is wrong to call me in the morning and ask me all those questions and you have not told me that DJ will be in the studio. You should have called me when he was there so that he responds to questions, not calling then you record me and later pretend that you were calling so you play that audio. You could have called me so that we have a one-on-one talk. That is not good at all," she added.

In the recorded audio Mwathi's mother accused DJ Fatxo of murdering her son in cold blood, further faulting the government for not taking appropriate action against him.

"That DJ is a murderer and he killed my son. I expected that he would turn himself in and explain how he killed him and what made him do that," she said. 

"There was no justice at all because the first thing that needed to be done is that his house should have been marked as a crime scene, all those suspects should have written statements."

In his defense, DJ Fatxo said that he was falsely accused, arguing that the probe by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) had found no evidence linking him to the murder.

"They have already made up their mind that I'm the one who killed. She is not viewing this from the fact that I wanted to help her son," he argued.

"If you wanted to kill someone will you take them to your house? I have a brand and I know how to protect it and my house has a very big balcony that faces Safari Park in the forest. If anyone wanted to kill him then they would have thrown him in the forest," Faxto said in an interview.

DJ Fatxo was acquitted of the murder charges leveled against him, with his lawyer saying that after findings from the DCI were reviewed, the Office of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) exonerated him and ordered an inquest into Mwathi's death.

On February 22, Jeff Mwathi reportedly fell from the 10th-floor window of an apartment belonging to DJ Fatxo. The incident occurred after Mwathi and the DJ had a meeting to discuss an interior design project that DJ Fatxo wanted Mwathi to undertake for a fee.

Following their business meeting, the two went out for drinks at multiple clubs in Nairobi. CCTV footage from the apartment complex captured Mwathi, DJ Fatxo, his driver, and three unidentified women returning to the premises around 3 am.

According to a police report, a relative of DJ Fatxo arrived at the apartment shortly after in a separate vehicle. Around 4 am, the DJ was seen leaving his apartment with the three women, while Mwathi remained inside with two other men. A few moments later, CCTV footage captured Mwathi tragically falling to his death.