Musician Willy Paul recently expressed his dissatisfaction with the behaviour of certain women who frequently participate in twerking videos on TikTok. 

Willy Paul, also known as Pozee, appeared displeased with the prevalence of twerking on social media, stating that women who engage in such actions often demonstrate a significant lack of self-respect. Find Out Who Willy Paul Is Marrying

"To tell the truth, these girls who shake their hips on TikTok so that artists can see and post, do they remember that there is something called self-respect?," bwana Mkunaji stated.

Pozee emphasized that the girls may not realize that by showcasing certain behaviors to artists, they are setting a precedent for how those artists will approach them. Consequently, when they are faced with unfavorable outcomes, they tend to blame themselves for making poor choices, even though the artists have already obtained what they wanted.

This is not the first instance in which the former gospel singer has shared his perspective on TikTok and the behavior of women online. In February of this year, Willy Paul advised his male counterparts to steer clear of women who have an excessive obsession with social media.

According to him, Instagram and TikTok girls can be detrimental, and it is preferable to seek companionship from women in rural areas, as they are less influenced by the negative aspects of social media. He further expressed his belief that urban girls are "spoiled," often engaging in games and prioritizing financial gain.

"One thing I have noticed about these Instagram girls is that they are all toxic. My fellow men, let's find meaningful women in the villages," Willy Paul.

Tiktok and Instagram are just crazy. This minute you are with her, in the next few minutes you will see her in Mombasa and Baba Kamau and she has changed her name," Pozee spat out advice.