Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga has been granted bail of Ksh.50,000.

On Monday, Njenga was arraigned at Nakuru Law Courts on multiple criminal charges, including assisting an organized criminal group.

He was released on a Ksh.100,000 cash bail and a Ksh.50,000 bond or surety. The court ordered Njenga to refrain from making public declarations or attending public hearings.

He was also advised not to contact any prosecution witnesses who could undermine the case.

The court decided that any infractions would result in the bail being revoked.

Njenga was questioned by DCI investigators last Thursday in Nairobi after being accused of addressing a meeting on May 11, 2023, in the Wanyororo district of Nakuru County to "encourage support" for the outlawed criminal gang, Mungiki.

He is also accused of engaging in criminal activity. He is suspected of inviting others to the stated meeting in the Wanyororo area, where he is charged with providing Mungiki-related orders.

He's also accused of having "a military backpack strap, property of the National Police Service (NPS), that is feared to have been stolen or unlawfully obtained."

However, his entrance at the DCI headquarters was disrupted by running skirmishes after police officials launched teargas canisters at Njenga fans who had gathered to offer their support.

He is also being investigated concerning the recovery of two firearms and more than 90 rolls of bhang discovered in residence associated with him in Ngomongo, Bahati.