Former Police Spokesperson claims that Kenyans are to fault for the deaths in the ongoing anti-government protests due to their actions.

During a Citizen TV, Owino acquitted police officers of responsibility for the fatalities, claiming that demonstrators were breaking the law.

PHOTO | COURTESY Charles Owino

Owino said Kenyan citizens are "uncivilized" in their protests, so security officers sometimes use excessive force to subdue them.

He said When people block the roads, burn tires on the roads, stop movement, and cannot go to the hospital and work, the police have the right to disperse them. Adding that, We must consider the situation where the cops find themselves.

When asked who is to blame for the over 24 deaths caused by shootings, Owino said Because we are not civil, the community is not civil and have not been adequately educated on the law.

PHOTO | COURTESY Former Police Spokesperson Charles Owino

The Former Police Spokesperson also chastised individuals who criticize the men and women in uniform, implying that they should not be faulted for acting to protect residents and uphold their responsibility of keeping law and order.

According to Owino, security teams are just like any other individual, and their work is just like any other career. Thus, depending on the situation, they have the right to protect themselves.


He dismissed arguments that cops needed to demonstrate restraint towards unarmed individuals, emphasizing that in most circumstances, as shown in the protests, officers would be compelled to flee from crowds to show restraint.

As a result, he asked organizers of the demonstrations in the Raila Odinga-led Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party to obtain police clearance as required by law before staging demonstrations.