The three-day nationwide protests will go on, according to Azimio Leader Raila Odinga, and Kenyans won't give up.

Raila published a video on his official Twitter account on Thursday morning that purportedly showed police violence during the nationwide protests on Wednesday.

"The public's voice must be heard. Our nonviolent demonstrations go on," Raila wrote in the video's commentary.

In an interview he gave Nation on Wednesday, he stated that Kenyans would not be intimidated from fighting for their rights.

Raila did not appear at the beginning of the demonstrations on Wednesday but afterwards spoke exclusively to the journal from an undisclosed location.

The opposition leader thanked Kenyans for attending the protests and said, "We will continue our peaceful demonstrations as planned."

However, we will cease working today (Wednesday) at 5 p.m. and continue on Thursday morning. As Kenyans, we won't let up in our efforts to demand our rights.

The former prime minister vowed to continue the protests after labelling the deaths on Wednesday as "the atrocities of the Ruto regime."

The opposition leader urged three days of nationwide protests to pressure President William Ruto to reduce living expenses.

The opposition is protesting the tax increases in the stalled Finance Act 2023, and this is the third wave of demonstrations that have erupted across the nation.