As President Ruto marks one year in office, the opposition believes he failed to fulfill his promises to kenyans when he took office and that they are poorer than before.

Speaking during a citizen TV show, Kathiani Member of Parliament (MP) Robert Mbui gave Ruto's first year as Head of State a ten percent grade, giving the Kenya Kwanza government a ten percent grade.


"I think I would give them about 10 percent just because they have showed up to the office. But the reality is that when it comes to the issue of cost of living, which was one of the promises that they gave during the campaigns, they have failed this country," he said.

Mbui went on to say that to solve Kenya's high cost of living, President Ruto's administration should have started by making disposable income available to Kenyans and lowering the costs of goods and services.

Instead, Mbui contended, President Ruto hammered Kenyans with new levies by drafting and approving the disputed Finance Act 2023.


"The minute they brought the Finance Bill, they pushed up the tax regime that raised the prices of all goods and services because the minute you touch on fuel then everything goes up because fuel touches on transportation, cost of electricity and manufacturing etc," said Mbui.

"What they have done is raise the prices of goods and services and reduce the amount of money that is available for expenditure." He added

Willis Otieno, Secretary General of the Safina Party, echoed Mbui's remarks, lamenting that Kenya's economy was more stable before Ruto came to office.