Enock Kimathi, one of the GSU officers seen in a widely circulated video issuing threats to Kenyans in 2021, has passed away.

He was part of a cohort of GSU graduates featured in the video, insinuating their readiness to resort to violence against Kenyan citizens.

In the footage, approximately eight men expressed joy at completing their training, enthusiastically affirming their readiness to put their training into action. The video gained widespread attention on December 8, 2021.

"Mmeishaa..tutawamaliza...sisi ndio wale wasee...hapana tambua...tunakuja inje...sisi ndio wa pa pa pa (loosely translated as we are coming out, you will see)," said the recruits.

Kenyans were outraged saying ti was wrong for disciplined forces to behave like goons.

They added, "Ati nini.. Hawa ni wake wazii.. Pah Pah Pah, wazii,” chanted the Gsu officers in the December 2021 viral video.

They were eagerly anticipating their pass-out parade, but unfortunately, the video was associated with the National Police Service Twitter handle, prompting swift action.

The NPS denounced their behavior, reassuring the Kenyan public that their sentiments did not reflect the stance of the service. Expressing regret over the incident, the NPS initiated an internal investigation.

Enock was laid to rest on Saturday in his native town of Meru. County officials paid their respects to the departed soldier. According to eulogies shared by his friends, Enock was hurried to the hospital for undisclosed reasons.