Teacher Wanjiku, Kenya's celebrated female stand-up comedian, has recently ended her marriage with  husband Victor Ber. Together they were blessed with a daughter  seven-year-old daughter.

Recent reports indicate that the comedian has entered a new romantic relationship with a digital content creator named Fredrick Nyambare.

Speculation regarding Teacher Wanjiku's involvement with Nyambare has been gaining traction, supported by sightings of the couple enjoying each other's company at exclusive social gatherings in Nairobi.

An Instagram check reveals that Teacher Wanjiku and Ber no longer follow each other on the platform, adding to the speculation surrounding their separation.

While the exact timeline of Teacher Wanjiku and Nyambare’s relationship remains unknown, whispers in social circles suggest that their camaraderie has been blossoming for some time.

However, in May this year, Nyambare posted photos with his wife celebrating 19 years of being in love and 12 years of marriage.

In another post, a month later, in June, he wrote: “Happy 40th birthday to my best friend and the love of my life. I Love You, My Baby.”

Adding, “You are loved, my baby. We wish you good health and all the happiness in the world. I am the luckiest man in the world to have you.”

Reports of Teacher Wanjiku and Ber’s separation initially surfaced last year, but the former Churchill Show producer was quick to dismiss them.

In a previous interview with a notorious gossip blog, Ber vehemently denied any trouble in their marriage, insisting that their family was still intact and thriving despite the rumors.

“There is nothing like that; we are enjoying our lives. We have survived Corona; what are you saying?” Ber rebutted at the time.

According to close sources cited by the blog, the former couple had allegedly stopped wearing their wedding rings and were no longer residing together.

Ber said that he had stopped wearing his ring since it needed to be adjusted to fit comfortably once more due to his ring finger growing larger.

Ber asserted that she didn't wear Teacher Wanjiku's missing ring when performing since it interfered with her ability to be funny.