Azimio leader Raila has reacted to Ruto’s statement towards the economy . The former prime minister says that if the cost of living of Kenyans have not been addressed  and the economy isn’t stable. He asserts that despite their earnest efforts to persuade the president, Ruto has refused to address this matter.

“We have tried to talk to him but he is not listening . Yeye ni mgonjwa na amekataa kutumia Dawa” -which translates that the president is sick and has refused to take his medication”, said Raila

The issue of the rising cost of living has become a significant concern for many Kenyans. Despite the president's promise to address this matter immediately after taking the oath, it is evident that during Uhuru's

administration, conditions were more favorable compared to the current situation.

President Ruto has outlined his vision for Kenya, aiming to provide citizens with a source of pride, particularly highlighting his accomplishments within the first year of his administration.

Putting emphasis on the nation's economic transformation and fiscal responsibility, President Ruto underscored the substantial progress achieved in stabilizing the economy and tackling the national debt burden left by former President Uhuru.