Businessman and politician Jimmy Wanjigi has criticized Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka's presidential aspirations, suggesting that he should emulate ODM Leader Raila Odinga's approach.

Wanjigi argued that Mr. Musyoka lacks the political strength to compete fairly against President William Ruto in an election.

The businessman expressed the opinion that Kalonzo is not the most suitable candidate to address Kenya's challenges and suggested that he retire from local politics.


" Kalonzo should stop wasting our time. He is part of that old era. Kalonzo has nothing new to offer Kenyans. He cannot remove William Ruto and even if he did, he cannot solve the problems that Ruto is creating. He should simply follow Raila and retire honourably." Wanjigi said.

He added that President Ruto is the cause of the current state of affair and Kenyans should blame him squarely.

" I want to tell Kenyans that every problem that you are facing, whether at home or financially, it is one William Samoei Ruto who is causing the problems, no one else," he added.

On Sunday, the President asserted that the government is now in the optimal position to tackle the myriad challenges confronting Kenyans.

He highlighted education, job creation, healthcare, and agriculture as the primary areas where significant strides have been made.