In today's session, Nairobi County Senator Sifuna made headlines by seeking clarification on the performance of the Cabinet Secretary for Internal Security.

Senator Sifuna began by expressing his frustration over the speed bumps installed on Hallie Sellasia Avenue. These bumps have been a cause of numerous accidents, with a recent incident involving a matatu overturning due to poorly placed bumps. Despite these concerns, Cabinet Secretaries Kindiki and Murkomen have remained silent on the matter.

The senator proceeded to criticize the Cabinet Secretary for what he deemed as inadequate performance, questioning the priorities of the government. He pointed out the apparent inconsistency in the actions of the Cabinet Secretary, highlighting the swift response to arrest individuals who heckled the president in Bomet, while seemingly neglecting to address serious criminal incidents, such as the killing of a 'snipper' in Meru.

Senator Sifuna also took the opportunity to commend his fellow Senate members for their diligent efforts in ensuring justice and fairness. He expressed appreciation for their collaborative work in the case involving Kisii County Deputy Governor Dr. Monda, who was implicated in corruption allegations. Sifuna emphasized the importance of such collective action in upholding accountability and integrity, stating that this is how work should be conducted.