Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has urged the people of Mt. Kenya to stay united and not let adversaries divide them.

He commended the people of Mt. Kenya for their wisdom and awareness of the political strategies employed by their opponents.

Gachagua made these remarks on Tuesday during the burial service of the late Julius Kano Ndumbi.

"Mt Kenya people are wise and they can tell when politics are at play, don't allow anyone to divide us," he said.

He pointed out that the narrative suggesting it is the turn for other counties in Mt. Kenya to rule is retrogressive and intended to divide the community.

The Deputy President vowed to continue fighting to unite the people of Mt. Kenya.

"Anybody who understands the intelligence of the mountain people will be sorry because they will be shocked. We should remain united and not let anyone get in between the community and divide us, Gachagua said.

"For those who want to be used to divide us, continue. But our people are wise and they can see what is happening. When the right time comes for people to make a judgement that is when those being used will know that the people are wise enough"

He stated that as the senior politician in the region, he would tirelessly advocate for peace and unity.