Last night, a section of a mosque in Kibera slums was burnt down in chaos witnessed in the area amid claims of sponsored robbery. 

Further, in countering the attack, a group of youth raided the PCEA church in Kibera and set it on fire.

In the drama on Monday night, numerous more stalls close to the mosque and the church were demolished.

A mob attacked a kiosk near a mosque in the Makina neighbourhood, alleging that it was housing an organisation that was funding their attacks. This is when the drama began.

The group allegedly lit the kiosk on fire in the process, according to authorities.

Before it was put out by firefighters and people who had gone to the neighbouring mosque to pray, according to the police, the fire spread there and burned a portion of it.

There had been continuing conflict between the mob attacking the kiosk and the police.

Some neighbours claimed police had blocked the slum and were forbidding anyone to leave, which put an end to earlier demonstrations in the area.

Officers joined the crowd that was attacking the kiosk and scattered it.

The PCEA church close to the mosque was then set on fire in the evening by irate teenagers.

Witnesses claimed that a sizable portion of the building was levelled as youngsters fought continuously, some of whom were putting out the fire.

After a few minutes, a fire brigade arrived on the site and stopped the fire from spreading.

No fatalities were recorded in the commotion, according to Kilimani police chief Muturi Mbogo.

Tension remained high in the area overnight with few police patrols