The fourteen members representing the Azimio la Umoja and Kenya Kwanza coalition bi-partisan talks will be tabled on Wednesday in the National Assembly and Senate.

The members will establish an ad hoc committee to discuss the anticipated difficulties if accepted.

Four inquiries Kindiki will reply to ahead of MPs.

When Kithure Kindiki, the interior cabinet secretary, appears before the National Assembly plenary on Wednesday, four questions have been prepared for him.

To respond to inquiries from MPs, Kindiki will be the first Cabinet Secretary in President William Ruto's administration to come before the full assembly.

According to Ruto, this will promote accountability in government. As a result, the National Assembly and the Senate modified their Standing Orders to permit CSs to appear before the plenary and answer questions.

Return of the Azimio public barazas.

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition announced the return of public barazas beginning Thursday, April 13.

The public barazas were held nationwide before Azimio announced the start of mass protests on March 20.