The streets of kanairo are hard when it comes to dating. everyone is always single even those wearing their wedding bands. these are the types of men you will encounter in your quest for love.

1.The kept ones.wale wamewekwa. baby boy treatment. these are young men living in these leafy rich estates. they drive flashy cars, dress in the latest designer clothes, and always flash money on social media.

They don't say what exactly they do for work or how they make a living. you will find them in clubs along Kiambu road drinking their earnings away.

men drinking

2. Forex babes. stay away from these men if you want to keep your little savings. these men graduated from the school of sales.

They have a language ya kutoa nyoka pangoni. they will siphon your funds in the name of trading for you. you will end up making losses while they eat the life with the big spoon and take their Instagram model girlfriends on vacations

3.Wash wash hunnies. these ones wake up one morning rich. you cannot see their progress, they have several cash businesses in the city. they always have bundles of cash on them and often live close to each other. they are generous with their harvests though.


4. Church boys. Don't let the name deceive you, stay away from these ones. they are wolves in sheep's clothing, they know the teachings of the book and will use those teachings to manipulate you. they will have you questioning your spirituality.

5. IT guys. these ones are everyone's favorite. they are quiet and loaded. they just work and go home to play video games and watch anime and nature. they also make good money since the tech industry is booming now. these ones should be at the top of your list.

choose wisely from that category.