Navigating relationships is already hard now imagine doing it with someone who lives hundreds of miles away. long distance relationships often don't work because of various reasons here are some of the ways you can navigate the hardships and make it work.

couple kissing in the rain

Communication. communication is very important in any relationship. communicating effectively helps couples deal with any miscommunications that might arise. one rule to observe is never to go to bed angry at each other.

Talk frequently. keeping in touch with each other helps a lot as it helps couples keep up with what is happening in each other's life. it is advised to avoid talking through the day and save the talking for a time when both of you are in a relaxed state.

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Another important thing is to plan virtual dates. you can decide to plan fun activities that can be done via zoom. this can include watching a movie together and having nice virtual date nights.

Planning on meeting as frequently is important, and creating a good physical connection is important in any relationship. the excitement of when you'll be seeing each other can increase the connection.

Trust is very important when it comes to long-distance dating. you should be able to trust each other. this prevents any doubts that one might have in a relationship