Are you that woman that struggles with what you are going to put on every morning? I guess that's why you are here. Creativity is everything and without it your dressing will disappoint you terribly.

As a matter of fact, a lady can spend close to 2 hours confused on what to put on. To avoid more confusion and unnecessary delays, arrange your closet and jewelry well such that even with your eyes closed, you can easily pick the exact one.

The main idea here is to make sure you match your outfit and jewelry perfectly and in the shortest time possible. Ask yourself simple things like, what’s your job nature, what’s the occasion, and how comfortable do you want to feel.

Dangling wrist jewelry doesn't work so well when you're going to attend a meeting that will need you to pass papers or things across to the other members. Also, typing on a keyboard will be noisy in an office setting. Depending on the nature of your work, you might want to skip the bangles and hanging bracelets. 

Alternatively, loud and ornate jewelry can muddy a busy print, no matter how great it is. Busy prints and wild jewelry can get gaudy fast.  If possible, consider solid bracelets, watches, and earrings instead of showy accessories.

Rubies, canary diamonds, and amber gems make a statement by themselves. These colors are fiery and ambitious and look great over black and white. But did you think you could pair them with their opposite colors? 

There's a science behind matching up colors in fashion. Many stylists refer to the color wheel for inspiration.

The color wheel will tell you that as warm and cool shades blend one way, they also blend in the opposite. Deep green and dark blue gemstones pop against a yellow or orange dress. 

Striking the balance between cool and warm colors is basically what accessorizing is all about.