Divorce is becoming more common these days as many people are not willing to stay in a monogamous relationship. modern couples are opting to have open relationships with multiple partners but with some boundaries.


In 2006, the term polyamory which means many loves made an entry in the Oxford English Dictionary. Polyamory is the philosophy or state of being romantically involved with more than one person at a time, with the knowledge and consent of all parties involved.

The focus is more on intimacy than on sex, and polyamorous relationships, while being romantic, need not be sexual.

Polyamorous relationships can take many forms. Commonly, they are triads, or quads—maybe one couple with another. "Polyfidelity" refers to a closed polyamorous relationship in which the parties agree to restrict themselves to one another, rather than take outside lovers.

three women

benefits of polyamorous include:

 it is less limiting: it allows for rewarding relationships with more than one person at a time

it acknowledges that some people’s relational needs are best met by more than one person, and, conversely, relieves the pressure of having to meet all of another person’s needs

it has some disadvantages too, these are

its demands of time, energy, security, self-knowledge, emotional intelligence, and communication skills. Notwithstanding the stigma and lack of legal recognition, things can get pretty complicated

the other partner might feel neglected

there are risks of getting STIs and other diseases.

Because they are time-consuming, and partners don't spend enough time with each other, this could be problematic for individuals whose love language is quality time.

It can lead to jealousy. We naturally want our partners all to ourselves and the thought of sharing them with someone else can breed jealousy. This especially happens if there’s a miscommunication.

Polyamory is different from polygamy in the sense that polygamy is often associated with men having more women. the latter means women have the option to have many partners.