Kenyans are known for their hospitality to foreigners and for the character development of their partners, there is no in-between.

people having fun in the club

Falling in love in Nairobi is worse than gambling because not only do you have to worry about being played, but you also have to worry about the gender of your co-player in the game or even what level you are playing in. This city is one big bedroom without a door.

If these were the times of LOT, Nairobi will be a large salt lake frozen till the end of time. This one big bedroom has all characters in the characters you can think of. From the family men who secretly enjoy kinuthias content to the men of the cloth who use your offerings to go out during ungodly hours to ungodly places.

Nairobi men lie so smoothly and once they have you hooked, you will find yourself apologizing to him when he cheats on you. at this stage they know that you are here to stay so they will keep disrespecting you until you find your lost dignity.


Nairobi has a population of over 4 million people, which means that the dating pool is very saturated surprisingly everyone is single and those who are in complicated situations claim they are only staying for the kids, another common lie from married men in this city.

Very few marriages succeed in this city some Nairobi characters have opted to move to other towns in search of this rare commodity called love. The worst part is that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks so Tabia Bado ni zile zile. They have taken the disease to these towns

Kwa up, there is no finding love in this city. Come to the city, do what brought you here, and go find love somewhere else. And if you happen to find that love somewhere else don't bring him or her into this godforsaken city.