According to Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi, young people should use caution when experimenting with technology, particularly on social media sites.

Mudavadi expressed regret for the deaths attributed to intimate partner violence (IPV) and advocated for the implementation of stringent policies and regulations to tackle the increasing occurrence of gender-based violence enabled by technology.

Additionally, he urged all stakeholders to work together to end the growing number of IPV cases.

"We appreciate the role that technology through social media has played in the transformation of the society and brought about change, job creation, and creativity. But we also should take note that through those platforms, our young girls and boys end up being victims of tragic occurrences," warned Mudavadi.

Mudavadi urged social media users to exercise caution, claiming that predators have taken over and are trying to seduce people to hurt them physically or, in extreme circumstances, kill them.

ToMudavadi denounced the practice to prevent future IPV cases. He said it was time for society to accept the harsh reality and educate the next generation.

He asked people, especially young people, to exercise extra caution when interacting online.

Mudavadi also urged religious authorities, such as Muslim and Christian leaders, to use their influence to inform and counsel young people about exercising extra caution and the dangers of falling victim to social media scams.

According to him, there are a lot of predators out there who profit from the growing popularity of websites like Instagram and TikTok, and more needs to be done to raise awareness of the dangers of developing an addiction to these kinds of platforms.

Harriette Chiggai, the President's Women Rights Advisor, stated a week ago that victims of intimate partner violence (IPV) should not be held accountable, expressing regret that they comprise a significant number of women and girls who have been victims of violence and should not have died.

She did point out that boys are also victims of this; their stories may not have received as much attention as those of girls and women.

"One lost child is one too many for society. However, given what is happening, I urge our daughters to exercise caution on how and with whom they interact with on social platforms."

According to Chiggai, the government is dedicated to ensuring that the systems that assist and respond to survivors do not turn them into new victims.

Chiggai also restated that while the government has made a clear commitment to eradicate all forms of violence in its women's agenda, this cannot be accomplished by a single government agency, group, or individual.

In addition to pressing the courts to expedite cases of intimate partner violence, she stated that the government will use all available means to apprehend the suspects.