Dramatic bodycam video shows the nail-biting moment a Florida police officer - who doesn't know how to swim jumping into a retention pond to save a drowning infant.

Jacksonville Police Officer Me'Atia Sanderson is seen running with all her might towards a man-made pond surrounded by homes located in the Westside neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida.

The daring rescue that took place was caught on the officer's bodycam video and was released on Tuesday by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Department.

The officer without hesitation and determined to save this child's life says, 'Oh s**t! Oh Lord!' before leaping into the murky waters as an unidentified woman follows in hysteria.

'I'm getting him. I'm getting him,' Sanderson yells out before she is no longer visible as the officer is submerged underneath the water for several seconds.

Sounds of bubbles are heard on the audio until the officer surfaces, nearly breathless, holding the lifeless infant in her arms.

'Put him down!' Put him down,' she yells as she heads towards land and places the child on the ground as she proceeds to administer CPR and chest compressions on the child.

'Come on baby. Come on baby,' the officer is heard saying as she is pushing down on the infant's tiny chest, as intermittent streams of water are heard rushing out of the baby's lungs.

The harrowing scene goes on for minutes as the infant is sprawled on the grass with his arms out.

Within moments Sanderson is relieved by two responding officers.

Sanderson's life saving-actions saved the life of the infant, whose precise age was not revealed.

Captain Christopher Scott with Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department issued a letter to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office praising the efforts of the officer calling her actions, 'quick and decisive,' First Coast News reported.

Scott added: 'Her actions, while putting her own life at risk, undoubtedly saved the child's life.'

Officer Sanderson joined the police department in March of 2019 as a patrol officer patrolling the Westside.