President William Ruto announced a list of 50 new Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) nominees on Thursday.

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta established the CAS position in 2018, following a procedure that the Top Court deemed unconstitutional in 2021 before reversing its decision in February 2023.

The CAS is in the Ministry's leadership hierarchy directly beneath the Cabinet Secretary and above the Principal Secretary. Here is everything you need to know about them.

All CAS are obligated to a monthly salary of Ksh 765,138, a residence allowance of Ksh.200,000, and an entertainment allowance of Ksh.100,000. The taxpayer will pay Ksh.53,256,900 per month for all Chief Administrative Secretaries. The CASs will cost Kenyans Ksh.639 million in one year and Ksh.3,195 billion over five years.

The CASs are also eligible for a Ksh.10 million car loan, which will cost the taxpayer Ksh.500 million, and a Ksh.35 million mortgage, which will cost taxpayers Ksh.1.75 billion. They are also entitled to two expensive vehicles, two office staff, a driver, and an assistant to help them with their daily tasks. The 50 CASs will also enjoy a generous Ksh.10 million outpatient and Ksh.3 million inpatients medical cover.

What do the CASs do?

1. The CAS's functions include responding to issues about the portfolio delegated to the office of their various ministries.

2. They are also supposed to liaise between the National Assembly, the Senate, and the county governments on issues of simultaneous mandate and shared interest.

3. CASs are also in charge of cross / sectoral cooperation and trying to represent their various Cabinet Secretary at meetings called by the ministers.

4. They are also expected to carry out any other duties and responsibilities delegated to the office by the Cabinet Secretary to fulfil the Ministry's interests.

Some notable names from the list include: Itumbi was instrumental in Ruto's win in the 2022 presidential elections. His appointment comes a month after being appointed to the Talanta Hela Council.

Former Starehe MP Charles Njagua, popularly known as Jaguar, has also been nominated as the Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Arts and Sports.