Some "rogue gospel artists" may provide misleading reasons as inspiration for the lyrics they craft, even when their true motives are clearly different. In the context of the gospel industry, there is a collective need for a sense of propriety in how artists present themselves and convey their messages. Presenting a message through explicit lyrics while pretending to spread the gospel is arguably one of the most hypocritical actions a person identifying as a Christian can undertake. Reflecting on this, it resembles a direct and unashamed mockery of God.

A Kenyan gospel artist, known as Getumbe, has crafted unconventional and explicit lyrics, strategically invoking the name of Jesus to garner viral attention. While the song has indeed achieved virality, the underlying question remains: What is the intended message, and what is the ultimate goal of this controversial musical endeavor?

Getumbe, being a Kenyan, must be aware that the name "Nyandue" that he has ignorantly used in his songs title is slang, but Kenyans have sexualized its connotation. I'm not wrong or biased in any way when I say Mr. Getumbe clearly understood this particular meaning and that he used it intentionally for views on his song.

 It is common knowledge that music often employs indirect language as a form of creativity, a thing that all the artist acknowledges. However, using a pervasive term intentionally just for views, especially as a gospel artist, is not something any gospel artist in the world considers!

Dear reader, Christian, Muslim, or whatever religion you belong to, what do you understand by petitioning God? Is it, "Yesu Ni.....!??" The shameless singer argues this after questioning, "In my song, I was petitioning God for elevation. Even Jesus, in his teachings, didn't reveal everything openly."

PHOTO | COURTESY William Getumbe

Copyright CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua spoke on the viral song, but Getumbe confesses not to be moved.

Despite many Kenyans labeling Getumbe's song as blasphemous, the "rogue gospel" artist remains steadfast in his belief that he is justified in creating and performing such a song within the context of being a gospel artist.

"I know Kenyans are not happy about my song, and it has elicited various reactions. You expect different reactions from people. Insults have been plentiful, but I'm not affected by them. Kenya is 80% Christian, so if they disagree with my song, then there's no need for insults," What a SHAME Getumbe!

I think Getumbe is a man with no morals and a shameless artist posing as a gospel artist and should be tamed. What do you think? Should action be taken against some controversial artists like singer Getumbe?

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