Evidently, his aim is to grow the small investors in the country. The Head of State launched the Hustler Fund and other investment projects in an effort to boost the country's economy. However, Kenyans are still complaining about the high cost of living that they feel has not been addressed.

Now, President William Ruto's tour to the US came with positive talks from different leaders and most Kenyans at large.

On December 16, the head of state held bilateral talks with the United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

According to a communication from Statehouse media, Blinken observed and showered praises on some of the issues president William Ruto's Kenya Kwanza administration has given priority.

Blinken praised the Ruto administration for growing the democracy of Kenya, entrenching the rule of law and independence of institutions of governance.

In response, the Ruto administration observed that there is no turning back on creating a democratic society guided by the rule of law and independence of constitutional institutions. Since his election, Ruto has stressed that his government will govern by the rule of law.

A multimillion economic partnership between the United States and Kenya on various fronts including health, security, agriculture, and food security was secured during the meeting.

Through his Kenya Kwanza government, President Ruto's administration is trying to revive the economy. Taking over the most deteriorated economy was a big challenge for the new government.

Deputy President Rigath Gachagua did not shy away from talking about that during the official inauguration of the Kenya Kwanza government.

Different people have congratulated Mr. Ruto especially after launching the Hustler Fund. Among them was World Bank President David Malpass. According to Malpass, the program by the government will stimulate entrepreneurship and create more employment for Kenyans.

David Malpass commended Ruto's administration after meeting him in Washington during President Ruto's tour in the United States. It is for sure that despite Kenyans complaining over the amount loaned out, Hustler Funds has helped many grow their businesses. This has also helped open doors of employment to many. It can be argued that Ruto's bottom-up strategy might soon bare fruits following his focus and determination. However, the question of the high cost of living still tags along.

What do you think about president Ruto's efforts in reviving the economy?