In an interview, Naomi Wangari Maina shared her initial apprehension about meeting her dad Pastor James Ng'ang'a of Neno Evangelism for the first time at OTC. However, as time passed, the fear gradually dissipated, and they eventually had their first encounter.

"I got to know my dad recently as a grown-up. We know each other because he looked for me, we live as father and daughter and we respect each other."

Naomi clarified that she was brought up by a stepdad, and she used his surname when registering her Identification Card. Her awareness of her biological father came through her aunt, who pointed out their physical resemblances, citing similarities in their ears, mouth, and eyes, particularly with Pastor Ng'ang'a of Neno Evangelism Church.

In a bid to urgently connect with his daughter, Pastor Ng'ang'a organized a Mega Crusade at Kinangop. During this event, he obtained Naomi's contact details from an uncle and made the initial call. Initially skeptical about Ng'ang'a being her father, Naomi ended the first call. However, persistent calls from Ng'ang'a eventually led to a meaningful conversation between them.

"He organized a crusade in Kinangop. He was employed as a herdsman there so he went around and my uncle gave him my number," stated Naomi.

PHOTO | COURTESY Naomi Maina Shooting her Video for Nyumba Ino Song

Naomi revealed that she was drawn to Pastor Ng'ang'a's crusades and even purchased his music without realizing that he was her father.

"We used to love him, He was a lovable spirit. He called me and said 'Wangari' I asked him who he was, and he said James Ng'ang'a. Then I asked from where. He asked if I knew Neno Evangelism.. I hung up because I didn't believe him Someone you used to attend his crusades is calling you? Why would he call me? He called back and said I have been given your number by your uncle "

"I started connecting the dots. My aunt had told me my biological dad was once employed as a herdsman in a specific place When we were talking my dad said I'm at that person's specific place so I connected

"I told her the whole story and she connected the dots. She brushed me off, ebu rudi weh, wacha hizo mambo" Pastor Ng'ang'a planned to meet her but she was hesitant.

"Siwezi enda kumeet, na akiniua? It was dark I decided not to go because I had not met him before so I switched off my phone. "

Naomi met him the following day.

"We were so happy to see each other I have never been that happy. I felt like I had met God."

Mary has an ailing child and struggling to offset bills. Her son Jonathan has eye cancer.

She said people don't understand why her father who prays to heal sick people can't pray for her son.

She says people said she was cursed.

"If I decide to start blaming, I will blame everyone including my mum I will blame my father and siblings, I don't want to take that route.

I want to believe in God because the Bible says he who depends on humans is cursed I only depend on God."

She says it is easy to get bitter but she won't go down that route

""It is very easy to divert and that will make me bitter. I will develop pressure and diabetes, I need to take care of my son.

My father could be praying for my children very early in the morning but I cannot come here and say at the end of the day he is called Jonathan Wise Meangi, not Maina, "

She urged Kenyans not to make it a big deal

"I think the world is like that people can easily divert and forget the point. The point is about my son and not my dad"