There are many reasons why men should be actively involved in parenting, and it is important for society to recognize and support this idea.

dad reading his son a book

Children benefit greatly from the presence and involvement of both parents in their lives. Studies have shown that children whose fathers are actively involved in their upbringing have better academic performance, improved social skills, and a higher sense of self-esteem. They are also less likely to engage in risky behaviours, such as drug use and criminal activity.

Active father involvement can also serve as a powerful model for children as they grow up. Seeing their father involved in caregiving and nurturing can help children to understand and internalize the idea that men can and should be involved in parenting, and that it is not solely the responsibility of women. This can help to break down traditional gender roles and stereotypes and promote greater equality between men and women.

a dad with his kids

Another important reason men should be actively involved in parenting is that it can help to promote greater equality in the workforce. When fathers take on an active role in parenting, it can help to shift societal norms around gender roles and responsibilities in the home.

This can create more opportunities for women to pursue careers and professional development without feeling like they have to sacrifice their family life. It can also help to encourage employers to be more accommodating of fathers as well, which can lead to greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Finally, active father involvement can also have a positive impact on the relationship between parents. When fathers are actively involved in parenting, they tend to have a better understanding of the demands of parenting and the daily struggles that mothers face. This can help to foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration between parents, which can lead to a stronger and more stable relationship.