Sibling rivalry is prevalent in families and can be highly stressful for parents and kids. Sibling rivalry has many different causes and can show itself in various ways. Let's look at some of the most prevalent reasons for sibling rivalry and discuss ways to deal with it.

Competing for parental attention is one of the primary reasons for sibling rivalry. When parents concentrate on one kid the rest may feel abandoned or ignored, leading to jealousy and resentment. If children are close in age or have comparable interests, they might battle for similar resources. 

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Another reason for sibling rivalry is a difference in temperament. Children are unique, and these differences can lead to conflict. For example, a naturally outgoing child may be frustrated by a reserved sibling and vice versa. In addition, siblings may have different values ​​or priorities that conflict. For example, one child values ​​academic achievement, while the other matters ​​socialization.

Siblings may also feel bitter towards each other because of the ex's complaints. If a child thinks that a sibling has wronged them, they may hold onto their anger and act out on them in the future. This can lead to a cycle of retaliation and retaliation that can be difficult to break. 

So, how should parents handle sibling rivalry? Promoting positive interactions between siblings at a young age is one of its most successful strategies. Parents can encourage their children to play share, share toys and occasions, and engage in teamwork and cooperation activities. This can help kids create a sense of community while decreasing the possibility of competition.

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A different approach is to prevent making comparisons between siblings. When parents continually evaluate their children to one another, it can breed rivalry and resentment. Instead, parents can concentrate on their children's particular strengths and accomplishments. It is also critical to recognize and address any problems that may be causing sibling rivalry. 

Parents can avoid sibling rivalry by offering each kid individual attention. While it can be challenging to balance the needs of numerous children, it is critical to prioritize time spent together with every kid so they feel appreciated and loved. This can aid in the reduction of emotions of resentment and competition.