Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga has threatened to take president William Ruto to court for defamation.

Speaking at a public rally in Nakuru County on Thursday, the former prime minister said the head of state had constantly been tainting his name with allegations of an attempted coup in 1982 during the reign of the late President Daniel Moi.


Odinga made clear that moi's government charged him, and he was held in custody for six months before being released and his name cleared by the court due to a lack of proof.

"I was discharged from treason charges after the courts found out that there was no evidence linking me to the 1982 attempted coup. Ruto has spoiled my name and I am going to sue him for defamation," said Raila.

“Nitakushtaki wewe (Ruto) kwa kuharibu jina langu. The government charged me with treason…I stayed in Kamiti for six months, but they finally released me for lack of evidence in 1983." he added

the opposition leader went on to say that they could not be intimidated by William Ruto and Rigathi Gachagua. He wanted to tell them that he fought for the second liberation of this country. Odinga added that The two could not understand what he had gone through. He added that he has been fighting for democracy and was put in detention for eight years when some of them were still breastfeeding

PHOTO | COURTESY President Ruto

His remarks come after president Ruto warned him against the protests he is planning to hold on the 20th of his statement, President Ruto said that he would not be blackmailed.

The head of state said that Odinga has been holding bloody and chaotic demonstrations for the last 50 years, and it's time he assures Kenyans that this will be different. Ruto added that this is why they have told Raila Odinga to sit down with police and explain to them how the demonstrations will be peaceful.