Bullying is a significant issue that influences many children all over the globe. As a parent, you need to inform your kids about bullying at school and teach them how to prevent and react to it. Here are ten facts about bullying that your kid should be aware of:

1  What exactly is bullying

Your kid should comprehend that bullying occurs when a person repeatedly and intentionally causes physical, emotional, or verbal harm to another person.


 2 This is not their problem.

Your child should understand that it is not their responsibility if they are bullied. They are entitled to the right to be handled with dignity and respect.

3 How to Spot Bullying

Teach your kid to identify bullying behaviours such as slurs, insults, being rejected, physical assault, and cyberbullying.  

4 How to Avoid Bullying

Encourage your kid to be inclusive and kind to others and to speak up if they see a person being bullied. Remind them to handle others the way they want to be treated.

 5 What to do if you witness abuse

Your kid should know who to contact in the event of bullying, like a teacher, counsellor, or parent. Assure them that exposing bullying is essential and that they're free to have no worries about speaking up.

PHOTO | COURTESY teaching kids about the dangers of bullying

6 Cyberbullying is an actual thing.

Teach your kid that online bullying can occur via social media, text communications, or online games. Please encourage them to use caution when sharing online and to disclose any instances of cyberbullying to a trustworthy adult. 

7 Bullying has consequences

Tell your kid that bullying can lead to severe issues such as low self-worth, anxiety, depression, and even suicide. Tell them that bullying should be taken seriously and that they should seek assistance when someone they know is experiencing bullying.

 8 How to handle abuse

Teach your kid the importance of standing up for themselves and setting boundaries. Encourage them to say "stop" or "no" firmly and confidently and to exit the situation if feasible. If the bullying persists, an adult should be contacted about what it means to be a friend. Encourage your kid to be a good role model and to stand up to bullies. Teach them how to be excellent friends by listening and offering assistance.