Humans will always be curious when it comes to their food. While some people could prefer eating classic and well-known foods, others can be more daring and eager to try out novel and uncommon foods.

PHOTO | COURTESY avoid some foods

In truth, many unique and bizarre meals are taken in many civilizations, some of which could look disgusting to outsiders. These are a few!

Grasshoppers And Termites

In Kenya, fried termites and grasshoppers are considered delicacies.

PHOTO | COURTESY fried termites

Before being consumed, termites are frequently roasted or fried. They commonly dine as snacks; some people include them to add flavour to stews and soups.

When consumed, protein-rich termites have been linked to a more robust immune system and other health advantages.

Age-Old Eggs

With a mixture of clay, salt, wood ash, and quicklime, these eggs are kept for several weeks or months to create a popular delicacy in China.

PHOTO | COURTESY expired eggs

The process turns the white into a dark brown, translucent jelly with a salty flavour and the yolk into a dark green to grey colour, creamy consistency, and intense flavour.

These eggs can be cooked with spinach or served with rice and salty dried pork.

Fried Spiders.

Several parts of the world, particularly Cambodia, view fried tarantulas (a spider species) as a delicacy.

PHOTO | COURTESY Fried spiders

Typically, these tarantulas are cleaned before deep-fried in oil until their exteriors are crisp. Some people say that the flavour of fried tarantulas is similar to that of fried shrimp or chicken.

Although tarantulas are thought to be harmful, some Cambodians regularly eat them.

Snake Heart.

In Vietnam, wine is incorporated into cobra hearts. Both residents and tourists enjoy this famous beverage. Only the bold and courageous may partake in this beverage.

PHOTO | COURTESY cobra's heart

Usually, it is poured into a clear shot glass with alcohol and taken as a shot.

Which of these odd tastes would you attempt?