In the late hours of Wednesday night, an elite squad of police raided the home of former interior cs Fred Matiang'i. However, the inspector general of police, Japheth Koome, and the DCI boss have denied that the government sent officers to raid matiangi's residence.

PHOTO | COURTESY former interior cs matiang'i

Matiangi's lawyer, danstan Omari, who arrived during the incident, said that his client's life was at risk and accused the police of harassment. He added that the reason for the raid at that time of the night is still unknown and that his client has not committed any offence but that he is ready to respond to the summons if they have evidence that he has a case to answer.

The former prime mister, raila odinga, arrived shortly after. The azimio leader said he stayed in the matiangis residence until they resolved the issue. He condemned the regime, saying they should follow due process and that Haramu haitalala! Kenya ni kubwa kushinda mtu yeyote mmoja!

Matiangi, through his lawyer Omari, has requested an urgent hearing on the matter because his client's life is in danger.

Matiangi court filings

it is, however, quite ironic that matiangi has run to the courts to protest the raid of his house while during his reign as the interior cs, he said that the police could not raid someone's home without a reason

PHOTO | COURTESY matiang'i

In his statement from 2019, matiangi said that The police could not arrest a person without justification, adding that a person must have done something that requires them to arrest him. If you are sure you haven't committed any criminal act, why protest the arrest? He added

In 2021 matiangi said that The police have all the rights to search every house and to arrest any individual they believe has committed a crime. And asked Kenyans not to politicize the work of our police officers

he made this statement after being criticized for pulling president rutos security, who was then serving as the deputy president. Ruto said that he had to use personal resources to deal with the situation terming it as a political agenda. matiangi, however, denied the claims, saying that the removal of reservists was a routine procedure during reviews and that people should not politicize security matters.

During his reign as the interior cs, matiangi was criticized heavily for picking a political side and choosing to frustrate the former deputy president William ruto

The big question, however, is, did the raid at the former interior cs house happen, or what is the real story behind yesterday's commotion?

The current interior cs, kithure kindiki, released a statement denying that the incident happened. According to the report, the allegation is completely false, and no police officers or security agents from any Government institution or department were dispatched to the former interior cs Dr Matiang'i's home to arrest or otherwise interfere with his constitutional rights in any way.

matiangi, who was a fierce protector of the police's right to do their job, is now complaining when the police are doing their job.his lawyer claims that the security cameras from his client's house were not working at the time of the incident.

Interior cs kithure kindiki has asked anyone with information about the Wednesday night raid to report the matter to the police as investigations continue.